Guide to Dividends II

In love with Dividends

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Let’s talk about dividends! I am impressed about the reception of the first part of this dividend guide. It was very well received, appreciated everyone who took the time to read it. Do not be afraid if the stock market today is falling, as long as the company’s fundamentals did not change and you did a good work choosing best stock that pay dividends companies you are more than safe. Remember, you are getting passive income on your investment, so choose wisely some good aristocrats dividends. What rules do I follow to choose some of the companies? Let’s find out!

Disclaimer: It is almost impossible to time the market, try a different approach, like dollar cost average

As promised in my previous post, here you can find and download the excel file I use to keep track of my investments. You just need, to make a copy of the file and it is all yours, I hope you give it a good use, same as I do.


Once again, thanks to olvidatedetucerdito (where I took the X-RAY sheet). By using the X-RAY wallet sheet, you will get something like this:

Portfolio X-RAY

I know there is plenty of information out there. However, not everyone is aware of it or they choose not to pay attention

Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But, since no one was listening; everything must be said again

André Gide

These are some of the rules I follow when investing in general and with Dividend Growth Investing in particular:

  • Dollar Cost Average (DCA) is your friend. In order to buy in the stock market you should spread these in different periods of time: a bit per month, every six month, every year, you choose.
  • Do not time the market, this is very difficult to do so and most likely you can guess but you will never be 100% sure. One thing, I can mention is taking advantage when the stock falls.
  • Try to have a well balanced portfolio in which your stocks are distributed in different sectors, geography, and most importantly, companies that you really know
  • One important thing for me is that the stock yield is increasing at the same rate or more than the inflation.

Why the stock market fluctuates?

A while ago I was reading a book that said: “The investors do not sell because the stock fall, the stock fall because the investors sell”. You have to know that the stock market follow what us as investors do in the market. It is because of us and only us!

No one can tell you what stock to buy now or any cheap stocks, you need to do your own research. You will learn a ton and see your money growing with just a bit of effort!

Investing in the stock market today is a piece of cake and with the vast option of brokers you just need to find the one that adjusts better to your profile.

When is the best time to sell a stock?

Never, unless the fundamentals or your trust in the company have changed over time. However, if you choose strong companies it is quite unlikely you will need to sell the stock anytime soon. Also, if the company pays monthly dividends or quarterly dividends steadily, there is no reason to sell.

Recently, I bought 3 new stocks: Howmet Aerospace – HWM, PPL Corp. – PPL and Simon Property Group – SPG, with a rather good size of my portfolio. Also, I sold NIO for more than double of what I have bought it for. I will let you know how it goes at the end of my monthly summary post.

Remember there are awesome companies out there to invest in, we just need to pay attention. If you need help, have a look to the companies that have been paying dividends for long time and analyze some of them. The average stock return for the SP500 Aristocrats (adding dividends) is higher than the SP500

Dividends stocks vs non-pay dividends stocks

Every day, I feel happier about my investments, this is for my future and not for immediate gratification.


For my following entries, I will share with you the meaning of the different dividend dates, the dividends aristocrat, Indexes, how to safe money and much more. Stay tuned and follow the blog!

If you have time, check my other posts and let me know if you have done something similar.

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