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Disclaimer: Why keep fighting for who is the best football player in history? Just enjoy the game!

Let’s talk about sports! I have loved football since I was little. I do not have many fresh memories from my childhood, however, I do remember one thing: a 7 years old boy crying on the couch because Italy lost against Brazil in the World Cup final in 1994 (football highlights), I have no clue why I was supporting Italy at that time, but ever since I am a fan of sports in general and football in particular.

Speaking of football, do you believe anyone stands a chance to beat these two beasts, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi? Ever since the ceremony back in 2018, when Luka Modric won the battle against Cristiano Ronaldo, I haven’t seen anyone get even close to what those two football players have done for their teams and as individuals. I highly doubt there will ever be another player with a trajectory like them (I hope I am wrong). You might wonder why, and we will find it out together in this post. We are going to know more about who has more probabilities to win the Golden Ball this year. Let’s find out!

We put all our chips on Cristiano Ronaldo after the game he had earlier today against Torino. The striker scored an amazing free-kick for “la Vecchia Signora” and made his team win and now they are one step closer to win the “Serie A“, 7 points ahead of Lazio.

This year appears to be the year of Cristiano in Italy. They are still in the race for the UEFA Champions League where they have to face Olympique Lyon, a rough bone that inflicted an agonic lose 1-0 in France. The only downside in Cristiano Ronaldo season’s is the Copa Italia, where Maurizio Sarri claimed that Ronaldo was lacking sharpness.

On the other hand, there is Messi, always surprising us with his natural magic, a player that does not need a presentation, playing for Barcelona F.C. La pulga” has hammered all records in Barcelona and many more in La Liga Santander. Messi has scored in the current season 28 goals in total, 5 goals in the national team and 23 goals for his club, being the best striker in “La Liga“. During this season, “la pulga” has been the best footballer in Barcelona, alongside Ter Stegen.

Speaking of Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, don’t you think it is the right moment for a goalkeeper to be chosen as the best player of the year and win the golden ball? Lev Yashin remains the only goalkeeper to have won the golden ball back in 1963. I do believe it is the opportunity for another first-class goalie to join him! Ter Stegen represented Germany at several levels from youth and made his senior international debut in 2012 with Die Mannschaft. He has been the starting goalie since arriving at Barcelona from Borussia Monchengladbach, where he debuted with 18 years. This season, he kept five consecutive clean sheets and he is one key player for Barcelona.  

Several players are having a great season. The brain of Manchester City from the Premier League is Kevin de Bruyne, who is playing the best football in his career. The 28 years old Belgium midfielder scoring a total of 11 goals and 17 assists for the citizens.

There are many more football players from different football teams we could add to this list. However, from my personal point of view, these four are the ones that stand a chance to win the golden ball this season. Do not forget to tune football on tv today and check the football players. What do you think about this list? Would you choose another player? Let me know in the contact box who would you add and why!

Stay connected and, if you have time, check my other posts. Peace out!

Question to Ronaldo: Are you sure you will win the Golden Ball this year?

Ronaldo Simpsons

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